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I don’t like spiders ‘n’ snakes…

With naturally seasoned firewood, don’t be too surprised to find an occasional unexpected guest in your home. They’re probably as horrified as you are, but don’t panic – you can help them escape outside and either pour yourself a medicinal or instagram them (or do both).

So where do these critters come from? As the wood seasons it shrinks, and any bark tends to lift away. This provides perfect places for insects to hunt, build nests,  and do all the things that bugs do best.

You can reduce the bugs getting into your home by stripping off the bark while you’re stacking it. Sometimes the bark just falls off.  Use a garden trowel or a chisel to help lever off any bark that’s determine to stay attached.

Don’t discard the bark – it makes excellent kindling to start your fire with. Give the bark a good shake (outside) so any residents can easily find a new residence.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.